How do app creators get income by placing it in the appstore or play market?

How do app creators get income by placing it in the appstore or play market?

Can You Make Money With Apps?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

At the moment, you can profit from a mobile application from two sources:

  1. As you wrote correctly - advertising. This is the most "simple" way to monetize. Embed it in the application, and you will receive funds from impressions and clicks.

  2. In-app purchases are mostly a popular method for mobile games. Buy virtual "coins", additional features or "ammunition" inside the game, and now the creators of the game can afford an expensive car and a luxurious office.

There used to be a third way - to sell an app (remember those endless "dollar programs" when the iPhone first appeared). However, now it is practically irrelevant. It's all the fault of "in-house purchases", which have become so popular over time that users are simply accustomed to the fact that "90% of applications should be free." Now there are paid applications and games too, but I do not recommend going down this path if this is your personal project. In order to "buy", you will have to try very hard, do something truly valuable (in the eyes of users) and invest a lot in advertising. Roughly speaking, if you do not do “Another Photoshop only with artificial intelligence, drawing independently with watercolors,” your paid brainchild will simply not be noticed.

But there are other important nuances. The first one is AppStore, Google Play, and their specifics. It so happened historically that people “buy” more willingly in the AppStore than in Google Play. Hence the need to separate monetization at each of the sites. This is not required, but can help you develop your project. For example, “in-app purchases” can be built into the AppStore, or part of the application’s functionality can be made paid (and many users look askance at ads in the application and can even delete them). And it will most likely work. In Google Play, on the contrary, it is better to focus on advertising, since it is a little more difficult to “get” something to buy on this site.

Also with regard to advertising. Consider two important approaches when using this type of monetization:

  1. Be sure to give the option to disable ads. There are users who hate it, and for a "dollar" (or any other correct amount for your project) they will be happy to turn it off.

  2. Don't overwhelm people with ads - you need a delicate balance between the number of banners and their location. We all want money and faster. But if the user cannot comfortably work in your application, because he is "constantly pulled" by the next banner, and the rest are located so that it is problematic to click - your application will simply be immediately deleted and forgotten. Always keep a fine line between functionality, usability and amount of advertising.

And finally, don't forget about the promotion of the application itself. Here is a small example from life. Imagine a "typical developer". He made a great and really useful app by sweat of his brow. Didn't forget to hire a smart designer. Checked biknow the model and the relevance of his idea on the market. Implemented monetization brilliantly. In general, I created a cool product.

The enchanting moment of pressing the publish button after a sleepless night led to an equally joyful letter from Google that the application was already “in the store”. Soon the "apple corporation" was not long in coming, and now he sits at the computer, not closing the statistics pages, waiting for the first users ...

And so months pass.

A pitiful 50 downloads lead to a nervous breakdown and frustration in the industry. Or in yourself. It doesn't matter - how could so many millions of smartphone users miss with his brainchild?

This example illustrates (albeit exaggerated) the mistake of most developers. And the problem is that on both platforms there is such a huge number of applications that it is almost impossible to “just upload something good” and get downloads. There are exceptions, but there are very few of them.

Your application will simply "drown" in the ocean of no less good ones, and absolutely useless. Therefore, after publication, think about advertising your brainchild. There are two ways to go here:

  1. Invest your own funds in his advertising. At least minimal. At the same time, you need to advertise not in the app stores themselves, but in the good old Internet. Make an application page - buy ads in Yandex and Google for this site. Create pages on social networks (here, in addition to advertising, you can also promote them yourself). Contact various blogs and other online media - agree to publish the application in them. And so on.

  2. The second option is if you have no funds at all. I must say right away that it is very bad and the effectiveness of this approach is "fifty-fifty." But that's better than nothing. It is still better to make a site, at least by yourself on a template engine (for example, Tilda is a good option). But you will not have the opportunity to “drive traffic to him” without money, so we will use it as an “entry point” for self-promotion. Then we go to social networks, create application pages, promote on our own and put a link to the site (the easiest way to do this is by publishing some truly unique content on social networks). Then we go through the forums and post a message about the application there (just don't get too low on spam). And the last of the "mission impossible" series - we are trying to correspond with different blogs and other media, with the hope that those who do not have millions of audiences will agree to promote you for free (but the return from such PR will of course be tiny).

By the way, you can also add various "Indie" resources to the second option. Indie is an overseas word from the Independent. If you really do everything yourself, then you are the "Indie Developer", and this is a whole "hangout" that is worth joining in, and which will gladly help publish information about your application for free, or almost free.

Answer 2
January, 2021
  1. Not everyone gets it. Conventionally, 5-10%. The main income comes from 1% of applications.
  2. The ad network is one of the sources of income.
  3. The developer may offer additional paid services.
  4. The main goal is monopoly (sectoral or full). In this case, the service becomes attractive to large advertisers.

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