How to prove to a person that Android is cooler than iPhone?

How to prove to a person that Android is cooler than iPhone?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

The answer is simple - NO! :) iOS and Android - two different operating systems that have their own key features, pros and cons.

iOS is a system for Apple devices. It is not amenable to correction, does not have the ability to install a memory card or applications from third parties, is based on respect for intellectual property rights . However, it is precisely this "closeness" from external interference that gives r guarantee of uninterrupted operation and the absence of malicious software.

Android is a system for smartphones the most of different brands and models, available in many versions and ready to adapt to most user preferences and settings . It is convenient for those who love individuality and do not like to pay for storage or media content.

So, what is considered a significant advantage of the system for some, others perceive it as a serious disadvantage , and vice versa. You can explain the advantages of Android to a person, but only a person can decide for himself how important they are for him when choosing a device.

Answer 2
January, 2021

Nokia 7.1 impresses with build quality, design and features. Yes, there are some compromises here, but the phone offers everything you'd expect from a modern device.

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Answer 3
January, 2021

Why would anyone need to prove something? This is a matter of taste, each manufacturer has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Why try to prove to a person that android is better than iphone *

Answer 4
January, 2021

Recently they threw off a quote in the topic: I don't understand why the owners of iPhones do not like those with androids so much. What have people done to you without credits? ...
But seriously, I chose android for other reasons.
I used Nokia smartphones on Symbian for a very long time. Competent and well thought-out firmware - with "straight hands" the possibilities are very well expanded. But a small amount of memory, limited functionality, a low battery charge, as well as two SIM cards for communication made me look for something else. Carrying two devices with you + a large number of contacts in them, which had to be constantly synchronized, became somehow out of hand. And many friends had problems with sensors. It was 5 years ago.
When choosing a new device, one of the first conditions was the presence of two SIM cards! Devices that support two SIM cards, even at the moment - android and vinmobile. By the way, I read on the forums that models with vinmobile are being changed for android. The rest of the parameters have already been looked through when choosing the smart itself. By the way, many of the applications are absolutely unnecessary for an ordinary user.
The next criterion was maintainability. That is, the opportunity to repair it yourself - find a sensor with a matrix (since this is the weakest part in any smart) and replace it yourself at home. Ali has many offers for the sale of these parts, and in a more affordable price range than for an iPhone. And the replacement procedure is very often not difficult.
The third is the battery capacity. At the moment, a large screen with two SIM cards is good at "eating" the battery. I have a 4100 mAh battery, with a hundred calls a day, on average, almost a day. Two radio modules, calls, WhatsApp messages use up the battery well, but I think it's normal.
As in his time, Steve Jobs said: The older we get, the more we get smarter, and gradually we realize that a watch that costs $ 30 and the watch, which costs $ 300, shows the same time. The status of the IPhone should reflect your status, which you need to match! A person with an 8th or Xth iPhone with things from Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Armani, who goes to work in a tram at 6 in the morning, looks a little silly ...
This partly applies to the owners of the latest Samsung models. By the way, I know many quite successful people who still use simple buttons, such as Nokia 8800, 9900. When asked why, they answer that they need a phone to call , there are other things for "show-off" .

Answer 5
January, 2021

No need to prove anything. Both os are good enough to be valid. Someone is more suitable for android, someone is more suitable for ios, and you are the last one who can decide what is best for your opponent

Answer 6
January, 2021

Android is an OS, an iPhone is a phone.

If we talk about operating systems, then an android has a less perfect operating system. this is a java count running in a virtual machine. It's not about viruses or stability, but about less efficiency and unpredictability of work

Answer 7
January, 2021

Always these owners of android , you need to prove something to someone, from the outside it looks like a monkey waving a banana in front of people who came to the zoo. If you have a really reliable and good device, then you don't need to prove anything to anyone, you just have to decide whether you will be a monkey , or a person who looks at this monkey from the outside. The author seems to have made up his mind. Good luck, don't be stupid, use whatever you like.

Answer 8
January, 2021

Actually, I will answer the question with a question, why should anyone prove anything at all? Each person has his own opinion, and you should not try to impose your point of view, if a person really loves the apple technique, then you still cannot convince him.

Answer 9
January, 2021

It seems to me, but it's better to buy a smartphone than an operating system. (For those who do not understand. This is sarcasm, because the question is completely incorrect. How can you compare the Android operating system with an Iphone phone?)

And yes, there is no need to prove it. Everyone has their own tastes and budgets.

Answer 10
January, 2021

The meaning of the need to prove this is a little unclear, for the taste and color ... But there are weighty arguments.
First, the price. $ 400 for iPhone SE 16Gb and $ 650 for iPhone 7 32Gb. I won't say that the prices are astronomical, but for 400, and even for 300 green you can find a bunch of interesting options that will be much more interesting than a smart one with a 4 "screen and a sad battery.

Andryusha's main trump card is practically the absence of any restrictions. I wanted to copy a file from my phone to a PC or dial-up - no problem. Download any file from the network? Torrent? Archive? And again, no questions asked. Would you like to download the program / game / podcast weighing more than 100Mb using only mobile Internet? And again, android has no problems with this.

Also, owning an iPhone alone will not be able to consume all content from Apple. For example, even if you have a large iPhone, then magazines on its screen will not let you read - for this you need to buy an iPad. Again, android will give you the opportunity to read magazines on any device with a more or less current version of the OS.

Next, it is worth noting Apple's desire to control the entire market of accessories .Cable and proprietary, for each lightning produced by a third-party manufacturer, apple producers receive $ 4 (for comparison: for HDMI, which is also a proprietary cable, patent holders receive 5 cents for a cable), headphones now, too, cannot be inserted anyway (in the case of a seven), the situation here is the same as with the charging cable, because the same lightning is used. By the way, they say that for these reasons, iPhones will not have wireless charging, since none of the three standards for such charging belongs to Apple, and they will not be able to cut money from it. Of course, this approach has its advantages, for example, quality control of final products. But it looks more like a total desire to squeeze the maximum out of the user.

Many people note that iOS works much more stable than android. But here it should be borne in mind that this OS works only on devices from Apple, and nowhere else. The manufacturer knows how and on what hardware their axis will work. Google, on the other hand, needs to try every time so that their OS starts and runs stably on smartphones for both $ 500 and $ 50, where the hardware is completely different. This fact cannot be attributed to the pluses of the system itself, but it is still worth appreciating such a titanic work.

In any case, the iPhone is a great phone, and as mentioned earlier, there is a lot of amazing software for it that is not available for an android. Video and photo editors, music software - some programs are simply amazing and have practically no analogues. But much more often there are situations when instead of cool software you need a simple, convenient and flexible OS, which will allow you to solve many tasks without resorting to a PC. And iOS fits this role with a very long stretch.

Answer 11
January, 2021

As a musician, I choose Apple technology because of the huge amount of software for writing music right on your phone or tablet. And we are not talking about the slag that is enough in the AppStore and GooglePlay, but about really professional programs. Many famous musicians (especially electronic musicians) often find themselves on stage with apples.

I have never heard of someone writing music on the same Samsungs ... But the other day I listened to a rock album (CHMBRLN - Love Extented Play) recorded entirely on iPad.

And a huge + towards apples. Their secure system. A couple of my friends have had huge problems with android phones after visiting various "leftist" sites. In the case of Apple, at most you will be bored from the browser to the app store and will be offered to download some kind of toy (which you will of course forget about).

Answer 12
January, 2021

Maybe it's time to calm down with this topic? For a long time people have been paying for the service, and not for the filling. after the announcement of a major innovation, the analogue instantly appears among competitors. I like the Google service -> Android; I like the Apple service -> iOS, the bonus is a bundle with OS X. And yes, it's high time to stop crying that Android has more personalization options, this is not an argument, Android without root is almost the same as iOS without JB, just more personalization, although it is decided this problem is in a couple of tweaks.

Answer 13
January, 2021

Why? Everyone knows that the Yabloko people are followers of the cargo cult who do not accept any logical arguments. If they want to pay exorbitant prices for the sacred symbol of a gnawed apple, use one SIM card and load music through a stump-deck, then there is nothing to be done.

Answer 14
January, 2021

Do I need to prove it? If you're lucky enough to own Android, then what are you worried about? Can you only be bothered by the interlocutor who reminds you of your iPhone every time? If he does that, then, probably, he himself doubts that his iPhone is cooler?
Just trust me as a person who left Windows for GNU distributions almost completely (Windows was left with some packages like AutoCAD and some toys) 10 years ago: you should not be guided by others when choosing a platform and OS, you need to be guided by your own and only your needs. And, of course, be calm, especially when some fanatics begin to discuss something.

Answer 15
January, 2021

The very question of how to prove to a person that Androyd is better than Iphone ... Iphone is a specific device, and android is an operating system ... the same pricing policy ... The most budgetary Apple model that is now on sale is the Iphone 5C, its cost is certainly not 50 tanks, but 5 times more, but you shouldn't write that there is decent hardware in Android devices for $ 50 .. If we compare the hardware installed even in the weakest version of the currently sold iPhone will serve you 7-10 times longer than the "worthy" hardware in the device for $ 50. The choice of a smartphone is a subjective matter, someone likes Iphone, someone likes android smartphones ... Give examples of using iTunes, at least not summer (IMHO), there you are not forced to buy anything, you use it for free, music on iPhone is not must be paid ... The same thing with firmware, shells And so on ... Cheap devices on android are just dumb because of these things, and in general I do not see any point in this, so if a person wants to endlessly change the shell of his smartphone he does not need to prove an advantage, he will not choose an iPhone just because of this, and if he does not need it, then it will not be a strong argument in favor of androyd ... By the way, according to their own statistics, android users often try to prove to "apple growers" that their system is better, trying to find some arguments, did not notice this for the owners of the iPhone, usually they do not care what phone you have. P.S. Camera ... I checked the flagships of Sony and Samsung, they are not close, but this is IMHO, plus of course I did not compare all smartphones for android with an iPhone, but which ones I saw were significantly inferior in the quality of their pictures to the iPhone

Answer 16
January, 2021

The humanistic argument: progress should be available to everyone. Android smartphones are available in all sorts of modifications, from $ 50 for decent hardware and a slop camera to sky-high heights for a super-iron and a super-camera. The limited range of iPhones has already been discussed above. That is, if Apple were a monopoly, smartphones today would be only in Western countries and only in the middle class.

Answer 17
January, 2021

But why?

Escobar's axiom works here.

But the iPhone has an advantage if you use their desktops.

Google's ecosystem is weaker than Apple's and more weaker than Microsoft.

Answer 18
January, 2021

cannot be proven in any way. Apple devices work better and longer, do not start dull after six months and do not clog the user's brain with all sorts of widgets and other nonsense. oh, yes, you can't throw music on your iPhone ... God, what to do? oh, I know - buy a player. or better a car

Answer 19
January, 2021

is the funniest topic out there. there are practically no differences between the axis and the android. they differ in some details, but the essence is the same. if earlier there were serious differences in the shell, today the transition from one device to another is almost imperceptible. those. the dispute about what is cooler at the household level does not make any sense. take my word for it, the latest version of symbian worked quite well too. and Nokia phones at that time took pictures much better than the androids of aios, using this very symbian Anna. fair. I checked it myself.

there are differences. we are talking about the so-called. latency, i.e. audio signal delay. a few years ago, when I was actively interested in this issue, on an average android this delay was 100 ms. those. even working with virtual instruments did not make it possible to work in real time. it looked like this - you poked on the virtual key, and the sound appeared after a while. Windows solves this problem simply but expensively. you buy an external audio card and there is no delay. Google did not see a problem in this in principle. those. well, as they knew, but she was not on the list of priorities. Yabloko took care of this immediately. that's why those who are engaged in music today prefer iOS.

I suppose that today this situation has changed a little, but I have never seen a single person who would work with a midi controller and an android device.

otherwise both iOS and Android is equal and generally the same device. flexibility, capacity, megapixels and screen size are irrelevant details.

Answer 20
January, 2021

1 - Price. Android devices are cheaper. Usually about 1.5 times.

2 - Personalization. Launchers, themes, firmware, widgets, etc.

3 - Displays. OLED displays have been in Android smartphones for a long time, and their resolution is much higher than that of the iPhone (up to 4k!). This is very necessary for, say, VR headsets, where the smartphone display is very close to the eyes, and even 1080p resolution may not be enough for a normal picture.

4 - NFC. This technology allows you to quickly exchange a small amount of data between devices, when close to each other. The NFC chip is new to the iPhone and serves only one purpose - ApplePay. Android smartphones have much wider functionality of such chips. For example, you can transfer the phone number by bringing the devices to each other. Or buy a special phone case with several chips and use them as buttons. You can attach an NFC chip to the nightstand and set the "set the alarm" command there, and every time you put your phone on the nightstand, the alarm is set. Lots of applications.

5 - No iTunes. Just drag and drop music to your android device like a USB flash drive.

6 - Installing applications from other sources. You can install applications and different emulators by downloading the .apk file directly from the site. A very handy thing for application developers, it is much easier to test your developments. Well, for piracy, of course! No jailbreak is needed to install a jailbroken application anymore.

7 - Application Market. At the moment, Google Play has surpassed the Apple Store.

8 - Battery. Previously, devices on a green robot would run out of power quickly. Now they have more batteries than iPhones (there are giants with batteries up to 10,000 mAh). And in Android 6.0, the Doze mode appeared, which greatly saves battery power in an inactive mode. In the next version of the android, the Doze mode will work not only when the phone is inactive for a long time, but as soon as you lock the phone. Which will give an even greater increase in autonomy.

9 - Multiplayer mode. Different user profiles as in Windows. You can fine-tune which applications other users can use and much more.

10 - Multiple windows. Launch two applications at once. In some cases, you can resize their windows and run more than two applications.

11 - Google Now. Not only a voice assistant, but also a very convenient assistant in general. More recently, it also has the functionality of the Shazam program.

12 - Google Now on tap. New feature, appeared in version 6.0. More details here:

Answer 21
January, 2021

I will also say my opinion, android is cooler, on Windows itself, this is such a smart grandfather, it seems to catch up with the young, but with a delay, but good health 😄

Answer 22
January, 2021

When you buy a new iPhone, you cannot choose anything other than the amount of internal storage. Android devices give you much more choice. You can choose the smartphone that suits you best. Is 4 inches small? Here's 5.5. Do you need 2 SIM cards to work? You can choose any of these couple of thousand. And this is undoubtedly one of the main trump cards of this Operating System. It is you who decide what is more important to you.

Answer 23
January, 2021

In 2013, I wrote a text based on Umberto Eco, about the confrontation between IOS and Android for the local media. For a couple of years, some points have become outdated, but still I will cite it as a kind of proof that it is most likely pointless to do this.

"At the moment we can talk about a conflict similar to the wars of the Reformation period, and not only corporations, but also ordinary users are involved in it. And if there are contradictions between firms, primarily of a financial nature and a race for profit looks very logical, although this does not cancel the intensity of passions (for example, you can recall a quote from a biographical book about S. Jobs, where he admitted his desire to destroy a competitor with all his might), then ordinary people are fighting for some transcendental prize, turning it into a religion with icons on your desktop.

On the vastness of the World Wide Web, you can find many examples of violent disputes (which often go beyond the bounds of decency) about which mobile device is better. And in Russia this is especially true due to the fact that for of our fellow citizens, a gadget is more than a tool, it is a measure of success and a status thing. Therefore, buying this or that device, a person entrusts himself to the brand, accepts its dogmas and, like a neophyte, is ready to drink to show the correctness of their choice.

Comparing these two systems, we can confidently say that Apple resembles Catholicism, as W. Eco noticed in his time. They even have their own Pope / prophet / saint in the person of Steve Jobs, who could work miracles and turn stocks into gold. After his death and a certain stagnation in the company, which, in particular, resulted in a drop in the value of shares, his figure acquired a sacred status, and every word is perceived as a revelation. Naturally, the further - the more and more will become a halo over his head, and all misconduct will be perceived as the machinations of envious people and enemies.

Catholicism and the products of the Cupertino company share a number of other aspects. Catholics believe that an intermediary is needed between man and God in the person of the church, who has the exclusive right to the sphere of the sacred. So, only a priest can read and interpret the Bible, for the laity it is not available. But at the same time, the church does everything to make the parishioner happy - for the tithe he gets a convenient version of religion. Catholicism seeks to amaze believers not only with their content, but also with their external splendor - it is no coincidence that cathedrals are one of the main attractions of Europe. Also, Catholicism is convenient to use, because almost all the work has been done for you, and you must follow a few simple rules, which are also expressed in intelligible words and vivid pictures.

Apple adheres to the principle that the user should interact with the device only at the will of the company. If you want to install the program, then use the App Store. If you want music and videos, go to iTunes. And even such a familiar attribute as a usb port is absent in the IPhone and iPad, as well as the usual system for working with fileslami. In exchange, a person receives a very convenient and pleasant interface for work, which is understandable for both a pioneer and a pensioner. The owner of apple devices only needs to buy new programs and content and enjoy the thought of owning a blessed gadget. Perhaps that is why the owners of these devices perceive themselves as the chosen ones, marked with special grace, and are extremely jealous of criticism in their address. It is no coincidence that manufacturers even make a special window in the cases so that the cult emblem is visible. Even Apple stores themselves resemble modern temples, in which not just sellers work, but genius, which means "the guardian spirit of man."

In 1517, Martin Luther published his famous "95 Theses" and initiated the Reformation. Many groups that were unhappy with the dominant position of the Pope used Luther's ideas as a banner of anti-Catholic struggle, while supplementing and reworking, which eventually led to the emergence of many different variants of Protestantism, which often compete with each other. But they are united by their belief in the possibility of direct communication between man and the divine. This is achieved through reading the Bible and the lack of a clear church hierarchy. In turn, this leads to the abandonment of lavish ceremonies in favor of efficiency. It is no coincidence that Protestantism is considered one of the reasons for the emergence of capitalism, and in the modern world it is the Protestant countries that are the most economically developed. So it was with Android - it emerged as free software that mobile companies were happy to use, as they were able to compete with Apple not only in terms of megapixels and screen resolution, but also in terms of the ecosystem of their devices. It is interesting that behind the small green robot there is no charismatic leader like Steve Jobs, everyone can take and use him, changing and adjusting to their needs.

Google creates an environment that anyone can benefit from. In general, it requires more from the user, who bears more responsibility for their actions. Although, as in the case of Protestantism, there is a powerful system of control behind this freedom. "Corporation of Good", having concentrated in its hands huge information resources, can collect information about each user of its various services, including mobile. In turn, it was the Protestants in England and Switzerland who created the most odious regimes that sought to control believers. But, like Protestantism, Android strives to be understandable and accessible to as many people as possible.

If Catholics still conduct divine services in Latin, then Protestants initially used national languages ​​that were available to both the upper and lower classes. So gadgets with a green robot have a wide price range - from affordable to very expensive. Therefore, the devices are popular among the general public, but this does not contribute to the formation of the status of the chosen one, thereforein disputes, they are often accused of poverty and inability to acquire a truly good device.

At the moment, a balance has come: Apple is backed by a large army of loyal adherents and a significant margin of safety, but at the same time it let the competitors dangerously close, not presenting truly innovative products, but improving existing developments. And Google is closing the gap with every update, thanks to the support of manufacturers, phones and tablets are released with characteristics that are better than those of i-devices. Therefore, in my opinion, in the future we should expect tougher competition between the main players, which will unfold in new markets of developing countries, it will be a battle of missionaries: who will convert new adepts faster and more. And also - the pursuit of unique offers and functions that competitors do not have, so we can predict another round of the patent war.

All this, of course, will affect ordinary users, who are largely victims of these "religious wars", and it is quite possible that in the near future we will witness a digital St. Bartholomew's Night.

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