How to use snapchat on android?

How to use snapchat on android?

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Answer 1
October, 2020

Here's how to use Snapchat on Android: launch the program and click on the photo icon at the top to take a picture. In general, using Snapchat on a smartphone is no more difficult than any other program. You can also take a selfie - for this you just need to change the camera by clicking on the corresponding icon.

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How to go to the application settings?

If you need to change something in the settings, then for this you should click on the gear icon. Use the circle at the bottom of the screen to take a photo. To start recording a video, just long press on the same circle.

If necessary, you can add an additional filter in real time, lenses, etc. to the photo. True, android does not support all lenses.
To apply a lens, you first need to check that there is a face in the frame, otherwise the face recognition program will not work. Next, you need to select the face on the screen until a white mesh appears on the face. If the grid appears - the face will be recognized, at the bottom of the screen you can select the available lenses. Next, you need to click on the lens icon to add the selected effect to the photo.

If required, you can add effects to the photo. Just slide the screen to the right side. You can draw with your finger or add text. If anything, you can delete the picture.

How to send a photo?

If everything went well, you can send a photo to snapchat. You will be able to save the snap to your history. All your subscribers will see the new photo. You can also just save the photo to your smartphone, so that you can use it somehow.

Don't forget to update the program!

By the way, to keep everything working smoothly, you should use the newer versions of android. Before installing, check if your version of android will allow you to run snapchat.

So, using snapchat on Android is no more difficult than any other program. I wish you all the best!

Answer 2
October, 2020

To send a photo or video, you need to:

to take a photo, click on the circle in the center of the screen;

to record a video, you need to press and hold, also note that the maximum recording length is 10 seconds;

if you did not like the photo or video you took, then press the cross to delete;

you also need to set the time during which you can view your snaps ( it cannot exceed 10 seconds);

there is no time limit for the video.

Before you send a photo, you can edit it: apply filters, make it black and white, write (T button) or draw something on it (pencil), add emoticons. In Snapchat, you can apply a funny effect to a photo, for this you need to:

in the main menu, select a selfie camera;

pinch the place where your face is on the screen;

wait until the grid appears;

release the screen and the available effects will appear below.

Before sending a message, you can save it to your phone. To do this, click on the "Download" button at the bottom of the screen. After editing the snap, click "Send" and select a contact. There is also a function that sends a message to all contacts. After sending, you can save the photo to "History" and it will be stored in it for 24 hours.

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