If the phone no longer updates the Android version, does it make sense to look for ways to upgrade another version?

If the phone no longer updates the Android version, does it make sense to look for ways to upgrade another version?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

In general, the answer is no.
First of all, ask yourself a question, why do you need an update?
Do you want new features, or fix existing ones? Or maybe there are errors or shortcomings in the smartphone? Or have some programs stopped working?
In these cases - yes, you can search for new firmware, possibly changed, or in other ways to change the behavior of the phone.
If everything suits you, then do not change anything.
All updates from the manufacturer is mainly related to security fixes - a very streamlined concept, or some other subtle improvements, but in general no - don't waste your efforts.

Answer 2
January, 2021

The described means only that the manufacturer has stopped releasing official Android updates for your platform (smartphone, tablet), considering it, most likely, commercially or technically, inappropriate. Further upgrade of the version, in this case, you will have to, if you, of course, yourself want to do it yourself and only at your own peril and risk.

A universal answer to questions about:

  • features (new firmware available);
  • efficiency (getting practical benefits);
  • security (both for the device and for your confidential data, including banking and payment);
  • and cost (if you do it in the service for money);

there is no such update.

For each device, the situation here develops individually.

All four of the above aspects can take arbitrary values.

First, indeed, the firmware may simply not exist , and if, of course, you have the skills, you will have to develop it yourself.

Second, the efficiency of installing the new Android on an old smartphone can both increase its performance, and maybe lower it. In addition, unofficial (custom) firmware can be unstable and can upset you more than make you happy.

Third, a phone (or tablet) with firmware can be "corrupted" (made inoperable). With firmware and / or the installation of new application access levels (Route), you can get a malware attack on your confidential data, incl. for your online financial instruments.

Fourth, you can pay a lot of money for searching and installing the service or spend a lot of personal time if you do it yourself.

There are many sources on the Internet: sites, articles, forums, where you will find information and help from those who have already successfully done this, but maybe not.

And more: negative consequences You will accept it only at your own peril and risk, you can lose the warranty for the device (not always, though) if it has not expired yet.

But, of course, everything will not necessarily be bad, sometimes it will be good!

We wish you good luck in these difficult choices and deeds!

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