Please show a screenshot of your first phone screen, well, and write, why so to dial 140?

Please show a screenshot of your first phone screen, well, and write, why so to dial 140?

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Answer 1
December, 2020

For example, Google and Yandex widgets are in great demand with me, because it is convenient and fast, less traffic is spent (in the case of Yandex, there is no news feed or Zen).

The next is a line with information about the exchange rate, which is important for my field of activity, as well as information about weather.

And finally, this is the Google Music widget. I often use it, because I love listening to music.

As for me, this home screen is not only convenient, but also practical.

Answer 2
December, 2020

My slave. table top of minimalism.

  1. Clock Widget

  2. Search string

  3. Calls, SMS, camera and Play market

For those who are interested, on top are:

Weather, battery charge, do not disturb mode, WiFi, mobile network status (Tele2), battery power again and time.

Answer 3
December, 2020

1st line: explorer, antiviruses, Avito / yula, games, discount cards

2nd line: play market, photo editors, 2nd factor, social networks and messengers, Google photos

3 line: phone, email mail, YouTube Yandex, camera

Answer 4
December, 2020
more minimalist "1200w"

I don't like screen clutter and visual noise, so I removed almost everything from the first screen. Below are messengers and calls (this line is unchanged for all screens), a little higher - Yandex, Shazam, Music, VK. All. White icons, calm textured wallpapers. Complete Zen.

Answer 5
December, 2020
Unremarkable usual background, weather on the top line, clock, frequently used applications below, of which LiveLib is for those who like to read books, the application is excellent, you can watch book reviews, the site often hosts competitions " 100 books per year "by how often you read books, write reviews, they provide you with a discount for buying books, I apologize for writing so much about this application, I just really love it. And here you can highlight the "Moon reader" reader, which is also an excellent application, you can change the background at night, brightness, beautiful font, Stellio music player - download the text of any music, download (the application itself finds the artist, his album) or download the background, smooth transition to the next composition. That's all.
Answer 6
December, 2020

I use a dark design and minimalist style to save battery, and in general, so that I don't get too attached to the gadget. Still, a gadget is for a person, not a person for a gadget.
Shazam - you can determine what kind of song and who the performer is by playing music somewhere.
Smart Alarm is a smart alarm clock. Don't oversleep for sure!
Guitar Tuner - To be honest, a regular (real) tuner is much better.
Star Chart - I like to look beyond the sky.
Sound level meter is a very useful thing in fact.
The rest is too well-known programs to write about them.
The only thing I would add is that PlayerPro, as for me, is the best player, at least I did not find better in the Play Market. 5-band equalizer in stock, more for a mobile and not really needed. You can't make the sound anyway better, even if the headphones are KOZZ or Dolbit normalno.
The VLC video player is also good, it is convenient to watch movies, convenient adjustment of audio tracks, subtitles, sound, etc.

Answer 7
December, 2020

Well then, I'll drop it too)

Here, on the first page, is the most necessary thing that you need to quickly look at, when, for example, somewhere on the street. Photo, gallery, social networks, incl. TQ is already on the second page.

Answer 8
December, 2020

first folder: things are aimed at the flow of thoughts, all kinds of notes, both text and voice.

second: browsers, translator, books, etc

third: drive, cleaner, mail. in principle, it could be combined with the second, but for the sake of 4x4 columns I had to muddle it up heh

fourth: 4 applications about the German language, owl

fifth: various photo editors (facetune, snapseed, inshot )

sixth: snapchat, we heart it, time-hop and basfeed (cool tests there, killing time in the subway with a bang)

seventh: telefonsmsbank hours all jazz

eighth: ali, spotify, vk, vpn (yes, I am from ukraine)

in the lower corner there are Twitter, IG, YouTube and tumblr separately. even lower telegram, gallery, camera and music. yeet. there are still a bunch of applications in the table itself, xs what to do with them, it seems like it's not a hunt to delete, they didn't even get into the folders. lol

Answer 9
December, 2020
Answer 10
December, 2020

Boosted is an application that counts how much I work. Nice to see the numbers at the end of the day.

Google Keep - notes.

TickTick - handy to-do list + habit tracker.

FBReader is your favorite reader.


Journey is a journaling app.

Why did I pin my diary and reader? To contact them more often.

Answer 11
December, 2020

It also looks cozy, not like when the whole screen is full of all sorts of applications

In the previous screen, a 4 × 4 clock and a phone, gallery

In the next, the weather, also 4 × 4 (although I always look at the weather on Google) just for the sake of beauty.

Vkmmp3 is a very handy thing, it's like VK only without restrictions in music. Exclusively for the sake of music! I don’t leaf through the community, 0 friends

VPN in Kazakhstan is simply necessary because every evening YouTube is blocked And I use YouTube almost every evening

There is also a Reddit, I rarely go there to be honest

cozy timer (so as not to fall asleep with Mouzon turned on (the family will not approve of what I I listen))

I also use the translator every day (but more often I use the built-in translator in the keyboard, it's more convenient (it appears when you press the G icon))

I use Chrome most of all

I go to the Play Market just to check what's new (I usually delete downloaded applications in less than 2 days)

Answer 12
December, 2020

I have only two pages of applications, so I put here a large, most frequently used part. I create folders only for applications that I use, God forbid, once a month (photo editor, ya metro, women's calendar, standard notes and some mi fit).

The first page contains social. networks, as well as applications, the functionality of which may be required suddenly: for example, you need to quickly transfer money / shazamate a song / find a suitable route or bus.

The location of the icons has developed like this historically - I automatically poke my finger at the desired part of the screen. Occasionally I swap or replace secondary applications in order to somehow systematize this chaos: ^)

Answer 13
December, 2020
Answer 14
December, 2020
Answer 15
December, 2020
Answer 16
December, 2020
> right>> down> <> down>" player; engineering calculator; audiobooks ("gramophone" application); samsung pay, so as not to carry a bank card with you; 2 gis, I think everyone knows; the rest are also clear. These are the most frequently used, there are about 36 installed applications
Answer 17
December, 2020

Classic widget with calendar and weather.

The clock on the main screen is very convenient.

The screen is blank, because I hate icons on the desktop table. But I really love travel pictures on the screen. On a computer, the story is the same.

In the quick access panel, in the center, there is a navigator, because I use it constantly.

The first group is calls and messages. Spotify is also lying there. Just cause.

The second group is outlook, teams and three applications for organizing hockey training and games.

Next is a group with instant messengers. We should throw Discord and Twitter out of there. But Telegram (@usa_notes channel to join) is needed all the time.

And, finally, right under the thumb is a group with Instagram (@usa_notes - notes from California) and related camera applications (try huji sometime , by the way - an interesting toy, but someone just gets accustomed), image processing and content plans.

All this laconic splendor is completed by the Google search line, which I also use constantly.

Actually, usually I basically have one screen, because everything else can be accessed from the main menu.

Funny thing: the date is indicated twice on the main screen. I just figured it out now.

Answer 18
December, 2020
" 1200 " certainly incredible, thought out. But from the unusual: it must necessarily have fewer icons than space, emptiness is also an integral part of the screen. There should be a balance of icons and emptiness.
Answer 19
December, 2020

Top line:

FSB social network

Mobile VPN

An airplane game in which a growing hole devours the city

Social network with beer ratings

Middle line:

CIA Messenger

Weather widget

Instagram (@kotowsky_a, subscribe, I'll post Polish memes there in story)

A game where the genie guesses people

Bottom line:

Another game for planes

Bracelet application

Food Tracker


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