There is no repost of the publication in the Instagram story. How to be?

There is no repost of the publication in the Instagram story. How to be?

Fixed* Instagram's Add Post To Story Option Missing / Not Working for Android


Dear experts, tell me.

The Instagram page account was created on the iPhone. The account has now been transferred to the person who deals with it, but it works from an Android Honor 8x phone.

When using an account, we can repost publications to Stories and Direct from iPhone, there is no such possibility from Android. Have been on other phones, the android platform still does not allow publication.

Tell me how to solve the situation? A new account is not an option, a good audience.

Suggest a solution.

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Answer 1
December, 2020

You may be trying to repost someone else's story from a closed account. If the account is closed, then you will not be able to repost to your history.

Answer 2
December, 2020

In the settings, go to the Confidentiality item, then click Stories. In the history settings, activate the Allow reposts in stories item.

If you want to repost to yourself in the publication history of other users, in this case you need to make sure that the user whose publication you want to add does not have a closed profile ... Reposts of publications by other users are allowed only with open accounts.

Answer 3
December, 2020

Hello !

Try to solve the problem with the "Reshare Srory" helper application.


Download it to your phone, register using your Instagram username and password.

Next, we find the story you need in the application, open it and save it to your phone by clicking on the button in the upper right corner (there is only one there).

image.png 1200">

After saving, the application itself will offer a repost option, it does it either in the story or in the feed.

Thanks to this method, you may well solve the problem.

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