What applications for smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS) can you say unequivocally: and how did I live without it?

What applications for smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS) can you say unequivocally: and how did I live without it?

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Answer 1
December, 2020

I agree with Catherine: the question really interested); I also agree with Leonid, he definitely noticed about Photomath 😂

On my own: I use Android on both my smartphone and tablet, so, perhaps, Yabloko will not be so interested)

And here, in fact, the magic wands themselves:

  • Yandex.Browser - I like the interface, great functionality; Alice, besides, only here)
  • Wikipedia. Yes, it's trite, but the advantage of the application is that it is easier and faster to get to articles than through any browser
  • Translator from Google: again, faster and more convenient than through a browser
  • RAR (yes, not a file format, but an application) - allows you to open, in addition, of course, .zip, .rar, etc. "archive" formats, many other types of files that you just can't open in the file manager. And I often come across such files, so the program helps a lot
  • WPS Office - minimalistic, but at the same time, many functions, and you can create scans of documents, documents themselves, text notes, PDFs, presentations and spreadsheets
  • ES Explorer - on a tablet, for some unknown reason, the current version of Android lacks a built-in file manager, and, as for me, such a replacement is very good both in design and functionality. Moreover, there is a PRO version even on Trashbox)))
    I hope there is no need to talk about social networks and messengers 😂
Answer 2
December, 2020

If a large number of schoolchildren are sitting here, then they will undoubtedly agree that the best application that has not been there before is Photomath. At every lesson, absolutely every student helps out. From function graphs to complex equations, Photomath can help you everywhere.

Answer 3
December, 2020

Good afternoon, Mikhail, an interesting question!
Of course, such services (and their applications) as Uber, Airbnb and Tinder have changed our lives, but you can live without them.
Therefore, I have prepared a list of applications for you, which, in my opinion, appeared and became irreplaceable. Descriptions, ratings and links to downloads, all here :)


Financial assistant with the ability to synchronize with banks and the function of scanning checks. An app for those who want to control expenses without any extra effort.

Make a budget, plan recurring expenses and spend safely - the app will tell you when to slow down. The application synchronizes with banks and distributes expenses by category, it is possible to scan QR codes.

Plan your family budget - data can be easily synchronized between devices. You always have an up-to-date balance for all accounts and complete statistics of expenses and income at hand.

4.6 ⭐️ based on 8 195 ratings in GooglePlay.

4.4 ⭐️ based on 837 ratings in AppStore.


This is one of the best offline navigation apps.

All attractions, parks, museums, restaurants and other tourist attractions are always available wherever you are. Download a map of a city or country and easily navigate your trip.

Maps.me is able to lay regular and pedestrian routes, the application is free and does not contain restrictions on the number of downloaded maps. Recently, MAPS.ME users can download paid professional travel guides, as well as routes created by bloggers. You can also create a route and share it freely with your friends.

4.5 ⭐️ based on 1,046,897 ratings in GooglePlay.

4.8⭐️ based on 15,800 ratings in AppStore.


“Todoist is today's best to-do list app available on almost any platform. Clean, fast and so easy to use, it literally speeds up the tasks on your list. ”- The Verge.

Easily record, schedule, and track progress anywhere and on every device. which you use, including a smartphone, tablet, computer. For example, write down “water flowers every Thursday at 9am #Home” and Todoist will automatically create a task in your Home project with a reminder every Thursday at 9am.

4.5⭐️ based on 167,833 ratings in Google Play.

4.8⭐️ based on 14 800 ratings in the AppStore.


Bookmate is a reading app on your phone, tablet and computer. There is a library with free books, you can buy a subscription to paid ones, and you can also download your books.

User-friendly interface, adjust contrast, font size, background color and read with comfort. For those who have no time to read, there are audiobooks that are synchronized between devices.

Plus, a recommendation system - thematic shelves and the ability to watch what friends are reading and share their impressions.

4.3⭐️ based on 32,570 ratings in Google Play.

4.3⭐️ based on 5,900 ratings in the AppStore.


Cross-platform safe for passwords, credit card details and other confidential information.

The most important thing is to remember the password from it, and the rest of the passwords and important information will be protected by the Master Password, which only you know.

The application is available on all devices, browsers and operating systems. 1Password syncs data across devices to keep your passwords with you.

4.2⭐️ based on 26,550 Google Play ratings.

4.8⭐️ based on 12,700 AppStore ratings.

Google Drive

Easy access to Google cloud storage from smartphones and tablets.

Store photos, videos, documents and other files in Google Drive - they will be available to you anywhere in the world. 15GB is free, further - nice tariffs. To let other users view, edit, and download your files, simply send them an invitation.

4.4⭐️ based on 3,754,848 ratings in Google Play.

4.8⭐️ based on 116,300 ratings in the AppStore.


Complete free photo editor from Google.

In Snapseed, you can just make a photo bigger / smaller / brighter / darker / with pearlescent buttons, and fully edit with correction tools, masks, styles and so on. For example, in Portrait mode, you can change the angle, adjust the light and shade, smooth skin, and lighten the eyes.

Be sure to try the spot correction and filters :)

4.5⭐️ based on 941,254 Google Play ratings.

3.3⭐️ based on 3,600 ratings in the AppStore.


One of the most popular apps in the world, used by over 100 million people monthly to identify music and search for lyrics.

It recognizes any music that sounds near you. There is a search function for both new artists in accordance with musical preferences, and rare tracks from old favorites.

You can subscribe to your favorite artists and find out what they are listening to, as well as keep abreast of the hit parades and charts.

4.4⭐️ based on 3,442,492 ratings in Google Play.

4.8⭐️ based on 3,100,000 ratings in the AppStore.

What would you highlight the application? :)

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