What are the best Android TV apps?

What are the best Android TV apps?

Got an Android TV? Here Are Cool Things to Try

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Answer 1
March, 2021

Allow me to recommend you the applications that I also use, namely IP-TV and TV + HD - online TV. They are easy to operate, broadcast online channels and in my opinion

Answer 2
March, 2021

The list of applications for android TV will depend on your preferences: watching movies, channels, using game consoles, transferring images from a computer or smartphone to a TV screen, etc.

To a standard set of applications, i.e. .e. the most popular among android TV owners consists of the following:

  • KODI is a free cross-platform media player that allows you to open channel playlists, watch movies, etc.
  • MX Player is a video player that reads all audio and video formats, and is simple and easy to use
  • HD Videobox - the richest library of movie viewing applications.
  • TV BRO is a convenient and easy-to-use browser.
  • X-Plore - free and convenient file manager

You can read about the operating system itself for Android TV in my article "Review of Android 8.0 on Sony TV"

Answer 3
March, 2021

Hd video box is the best free application for watching movies ..
It's just not better
The rest are paid ..
Of course YouTube
There are still some types of dtv
For the spaciousness of standard 20 channels

Answer 4
March, 2021

SPB TV has already been written about. For those wishing to watch Ukrainian channels, I can recommend Lanet. TV. If you want to watch movies, then by far the best application is HD VideoBox. You can read more about these and other applications - https://smartbobr.ru/programmy/prilozheniya-dlya-android-tv/

Answer 5
March, 2021

Good. I will say it once. Record.

Watching movies, anime and TV series, etc.:

HD videobox or LazyMedia Deluxe (Lazy ... better in my opinion)

AnilabX - the best collection of parsers from the anime fandab sites for viewing with a linked shikimori account.

Video player:

MX Player Pro - one of the best video players, both for tv box, and on phones.


Smart YouTube is an unofficial client of the site for TV boxing on Android.

Flow - Rutrekker banned on the territory of the Russian Federation for downloading pirated content.

TorrServe - server for viewing torrents in a video player, for example MX Player or built-in.

TV Bro browser - Browser for web surfing on TV box

Kate - an alternative client for Vkontakte, which works well on android.

Lucky Pather - there is nothing explain

Wink - ip tv from Rostelecom with 999 channels, but how to watch without a subscription you will find ...

I can also add, but next no prefix. I wrote from memory.

Well, in general, you just don't need the rest. Good luck.

Answer 6
March, 2021

Applications for what? For movies - HD Videobox, for TV programs - Fry! TV, for playing from a flash drive - MX Player. More information about their work - here https://wifika.ru/top-5-luchshih-neobhodimyh-prilozheniy-dlya-pristavki-android-smart-tv-box.html

Answer 7
March, 2021

I would recommend you the free SPB TV application, which allows you to watch a number of Russian and foreign channels. Here you can view the TV guide, and the bitrate is determined automatically (depending on your network bandwidth).

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