What are the most interesting Android games?

What are the most interesting Android games?

Games VS Apps in Android What Is Most Downloaded ?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Evil nun is a game with an interesting storyline, and since the horror is definitely not boring. Shadow Fight - both parts are also top games for android with an interesting storyline.

Answer 2
January, 2021

Summoners wars: sky arena - something like an MMORPG, but turn-based, you collect mobs, swing them, a mix of strategy and RPG in general, interesting, addictive, a lot of competitive content, the graph is beautiful

of the minuses - you need to farm a lot

of the pluses - farm on the machine - i.e. the game itself is capable of playing for you - you just need to collect rewards ...

I sold my account on the bourgeois forum for $ 800 (about 5 years of playing)

Answer 3
January, 2021


A hardcore platformer in the best traditions of the metroidvania genre with solid pixel art graphics and fast gameplay. As a girl who can control gravity, you must explore huge levels filled with traps and dangerous enemies to save the oppressed and dying world.

Lara Croft GO

Exciting turn-based puzzle adventure about irresistible tomb raiders in a lost world. The ruins of a once thriving ancient civilization are hidden in many secrets, and you need to literally plan your every step.

Alto's Adventure

landscapes, but also many different tricks to be performed, conquering mountain peaks. Try new moves, combine feints in combos and earn points to buy new equipment and other improvements.

This War of Mine

An atmospheric war zone survival sim based on real Bosnian events war. Players will have to control one of the civilians, interact with other characters and make morally difficult decisions in order to survive and at the same time not lose their human form.

PUBG Mobile

Popular “battle royale” ”, Inferior to the desktop version only in graphics. Find yourself on the island with hundreds of other players to defeat them all and be the last survivor. Get weapons and equipment, use technique, take advantageous positions and remember: the winner will get everything.

Playdead's INSIDE

A dark post-apocalyptic puzzle game from the creators of Limbo, which, despite the oppressive atmosphere, no one will leave you indifferent. Help a lonely boy survive in an eerie dystopian world, where almost all people have been enslaved and turned into obedient zombies, and a terrible hunt goes after those who remain at large.

GRID ™ Autosport

A complete racing simulator with console-level graphics, realistic physics and a huge number of official cars and tracks. Immerse yourself in a career as a professional race car driver and test your strength in five different modes, including drift, city racing and Formula 3.

Getting Over It

A little absurd and therefore even more addictive a simulator that was created with the sole purpose of making the player suffer. You need to climb the mountain, sitting in an iron pot and clinging with a sledgehammer to stones, tree branches and other objects that will come across on the difficult path.

Donut County

An unusual game with excellent physics about a raccoon that runs an insatiable, all-consuming black hole. It steals garbage, animals and even entire houses from neighbors and residents of the town.

To accumulate as much trash as possible, you will have to solve puzzles and combine objects with each other, achieving unexpected effects.

The Wolf Among Us

Noir adventure game with a variable plot. Based on the Fables o mon comicsfear from fairy tales living in our world. The reimagined folklore characters here are quite colorful and are engaged in criminal affairs.

As Sheriff Bigby Wolf, you have to put things in order and sort out a series of mysterious murders that have put the whole fabulous city on the ears.

Monument Valley

A unique puzzle game with a mesmerizing visual style based on optical illusions. Surreal architecture, which the player will have to explore with the silent princess, makes you admire each level. But do not relax: to find a way out, you have to strain your brain and gaze intently at the screen.


Recognized masterpiece of the quest genre, telling about a simple cleaning robot who saves his girlfriend, and at the same time the whole city of Machinarium from evil bandits. As you solve interesting puzzles and interact with other characters, you will have to help the brave hero return his love and restore order.

Hidden Folks

Painstakingly hand-drawn puzzle with monochrome graphics. The game will test your attentiveness. Peering into the screen and interacting with thousands of objects of detailed interactive locations, you must find people, animals and objects on each level.

The Room

A game full of mysteries in which you will have the opportunity to try yourself in the role of a cracker of sophisticated safes and boxes.

These mechanisms are real works of art with hidden caches and key ciphers, which cannot be taken in bulk. To get to the truth, you will have to pretty much smash your head, be attentive and use logic.

Street Fighter IV CE

A real fighting game from Capcom with super hits and combos, like on arcade machines in the good old time. Choose from 32 fighters and fight against the computer or other users in several modes.

For hardcore players, MFi controllers are supported here, allowing you to connect an external gamepad.

Answer 4
January, 2021

There is one such visual novel, "Endless Summer" is called I would advise you to play, it is for an amateur (and by the way, I do not answer for psychological trauma after the game)

Answer 5
January, 2021

If you are a regular mobile player, then I would advise you to try mobile MMORPGs, for example: Black Desert Mobile, Dragon Raja.
But if you want to play singleplayer games for the passage, then it is better to look at the ports of games from others platforms, for example indie: Dead Cells, Stardew Walley.

Answer 6
January, 2021

Everlasting Summer is definitely one of the best games that everyone should play, an exciting plot and superb music,

Only one thing, but if you complete this game completely, you will remain light sadness from the fact that the game is over 🙂

Answer 7
January, 2021

The coolest games I've played lately are Tap and Swap and Physics Drop. Both puzzles, in the first you need to paint the entire field in one color, but this is usually very difficult, and in the second you need to roll the ball into U using lines. This all sounds simple, but it's actually quite complicated.

Answer 8
January, 2021

Drop everything - there is a port of KOTOR'a.

If there are people who, for whatever reason, do not know about this game: an excellent RPG with a full storyline. A fat plus for the amateur: a journey through the childhood of your favorite Star Wars.

Believe me, this is one of the best things on mobile phones at the moment.

P.s. Baldur's gate was also ported.

Answer 9
January, 2021

And here is my humble list. I will try not to repeat myself with previous speakers.

Pixel Dungeon

Skiing Yeti Mountain

Desktop Dungeons

Does not commute

Card City Nights

Jetpack Joyride

Triple Town


Epic Astro Story

Draw Something

Kingdom Rush

Plague Inc

Answer 10
January, 2021

My list of games looks like this:

The Room, The Room Two (and soon The Room Three), Ultraflow, Duet, Plague Inc, Prune, Octodad, Out There, Horizon Chase, Hearthstone , The Banner Saga, Leo's Fortune, Paperama, Type: Rider, This War Of Mine, Knock-Knock, Syberia 1-2, Hitman Go, Shadowrun Returns, Broken Sword quest, Space Marshals, Xenowerk, XCOM.

Answer 11
January, 2021

Ingress is a game from the former Google division "Niantic", which recently split off and entered Alphabet, in which you need to play in reality: get out of the house in our world to play in the game. A game about the opposition of the Enlightenment and Resistance, some do not see anything wrong with knowledge and Shapers (creatures that give knowledge to people), while the latter play for the "medieval Inquisition", hating both Shapers and knowledge. The plot of the game is as follows: after an unsuccessful experiment at CERN, exotic matter spilled around the world (Exotix Meter, XM, I recommend immediately changing the language to English in the settings) and portals appeared. They appeared in places such as monuments, museums, landmarks, art objects, fountains, and so on. Having hacked the portal, you can get various items from it, including the key to the portal, with which (if the portal belongs to your faction) you can connect another portal to this. If three portals are connected in a triangle, a field is created - Control Fild and all ordinary people living in this territory (who are not agents of the Enlightenment or Resistance) bring points to the faction that covered the field and become enlightened or begin to resist knowledge. Ingress.com - game site, ingress.su - Russian-language wiki

Answer 12
January, 2021

Forgotten Valiant Hearts.

The rest of the text I write to fit in 140 characters, the game is just 10/10 GOTY.

The plot is about the invisible heroes of the First World War.

Answer 13
January, 2021

Of the latest, Whispering Willows is a well-drawn puzzle game. Sound effects, a bunch of mysteries and unexpected plot twists.

From the unusual Ingress is a multiplayer online augmented reality game with geolocation. You walk around the city and capture portals.

I really liked The Walking Dead from Telltale Games.

Answer 14
January, 2021

Fast like a fox, follow the light, crossy road, blendoku (the chanks really like it), traffic racer, borderline, smash hit (very nice), dots / two dots.

Answer 15
January, 2021

From my own experience, this is:

  1. Limbo - logical, dark, but interesting!

  2. The battle of wits is logical, you can play online with people just like you

  3. The Tribez / The Tribez - a farm, available for all platforms

Answer 16
January, 2021

For those who are somehow close to the two-wheeled theme, I recommend Bike Mayhem - if not realistic, then logical physics, nice sounds, graphics, beautiful tricks. In the course of the passage, there is a significant choice between different different frames and wheels. There are two types of tracks - for tricks and for speed. All bike lovers should love it. Significantly cooler than all other similar games.

Answer 17
January, 2021

I can only add:

  1. aa - addictive in earnest :)

  2. The Secret Society is simply chic, for real detectives at heart!

  3. Fieldwords - to expand your vocabulary.

Answer 18
January, 2021

My list of mobile games will not include races and the like based on reaction and intuition - there will be more emphasis on logic and creativity.

First, I will name the most famous ones that someone else could skip. Spirits, Osmos, Cut the Rope, 80 Days, 2048, BADLAND, World of Goo, Little Inferno, Monument Valley.

Pure logic games: Quell Memento +, Faif, Contre Jour, Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads, Transmission, Divide By Sheep.

With strategy elements: Godus, Air Control, Out There, Battlestation: Harbinger, rymdkapsel.

With construction elements: Drawdle, Principia, Bad Piggies.

The rest, I will not sort by categories (when mixing genres, this is already difficult): Qvadriga, Card Crawl, Lifeline, Headless, Gentlemen !, The Tower, Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, Smash Hit, Dark Meadow: The Pact, République, Skyward, The Path To Luma.

Every game I've mentioned here is excellent and is ideal for touchscreens. This is my kind of pantheon of mobile games.

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