What is the difference between an iPhone and an Android, and which is better?

What is the difference between an iPhone and an Android, and which is better?

Android vs iPhone 2019

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Answer 1
October, 2020

an iPhone is a smartphone from Apple, and an android operating system on the overwhelming majority of touchscreen smartphones, by the way, the iOS operating system is installed on the iPhone.

Answer 2
October, 2020

For the average Russian man in the street, a good Android smartphone is much more convenient and cheaper than an iPhone: first, of course, the price. No explanation. Secondly, repair: everything that can be replaced in an android smartphone can be purchased easily and cheaply, and spare parts for an iPhone are much more expensive. The iPhone is fun for the Americans; why a Russian needs it is not very clear. The only thing for which he is irreplaceable is for show-off in plebeian society.

Answer 3
October, 2020

Personally, I never had an iPhone but had an Android! on Android I could not download not 1 game !!! I think that an iPhone is better !!! and Android pfff ...
Advice: do not buy Androids! !! buy iPhones !!? and android constantly lags and freezes all the time

Answer 4
October, 2020

The iPhone has a good clear camera, It almost never fails, which cannot be said about Android. iPhone is better because games work fine on my phone, but on my tablet (This is an android) They work poorly and almost always jam.

Answer 5
October, 2020

iPhone. His camera is no match for ANYONE. And do not argue, this is useless, there are a lot of videos on them or on the Internet where this is proved. IPhones have better interface and control system

Answer 6
October, 2020

I personally like the iPhone works faster and clearer, but the Samsung, that is, the android camera is better and there are more games, but I still like my native iPhone top !!!! ❤❤❤

Answer 7
October, 2020

An extremely controversial question - which is better. My first iPhone was 3G bought in 2009, I think, a year - and I was not thrilled with it. I used it for 6 months, sold it like a bad dream and bought Nokia (there was a symbian system).

I switched to Android probably in 2014 and it was some kind of not very advanced smartphone. Then in 2017 I got the flagship Xiaomi mi5s - and then it seemed to me just the ultimate dream (fast charging type-c, very cool camera). I used it until the spring of 2019, when I bought an Iphone XR and now, after half a year on the iOS system, I want to say that this is heaven and earth, compared to the Android that I had on Xiaomi.

I don’t know what needs to happen for me to return to Android. So now my answer is - iOS and iPhone are better.

Answer 8
October, 2020

Here everything is already clear without me, I just look people do not draw conclusions but just spit at each other😂 well, the conclusion to mine is simple: an android is a massive phone for leisure and entertainment, since it is cheaper and easier, but there is one thing, you need to protect information and the phone is not for playing music and entertainment, then it is better to take an iPhone by spending a good amount on its purchase, but then you’ll be more whole, therefore, it’s not surprising that cool dudes don’t just pant when buying such an apparatus, but I have nothing to hide, I have an android, I’m a simple robotic although I can afford both, I wish you all the beaver and happiness in my personal life

Answer 9
October, 2020

Based on the fact that both iOS and Android phones are smartphones (that is, they combine the capabilities of a mobile phone and a personal computer), it is not so easy to determine the specific line of difference between them, but you can make a number of different options and functions of two operating systems.

It is thanks to the operating system that the phone is called a smartphone, that is, it has some of the capabilities of a computer. The operating system iOS (or iPhone OS) is developed by Apple and operates exclusively under the control of the company. The unique features of these smartphones are protected by the company's patent, that is, they are kind of closed - the system is protected from copying, hacking, editing and any changes - it is available only for Apple products.

At the same time, Android is a universal "open" system, available for different devices and for copying and editing. It is logical that due to the greater availability of Android systems, the price categories for these smartphones are also more affordable, while Apple's policy is to pay more for smartphones and other products, due to maintaining the uniqueness of systems and rigorous testing of each product.

Therefore, since Android is a more massive system, the number of applications is also wider, but it is difficult to judge about security, since their production is massive and is not controlled by anyone. At Apple, apps are more closely monitored and selected. However, if you purchase applications from an official manufacturer on Google Play in Android systems, then the likelihood of downloading pirated programs is minimized. Also, the undoubted advantage of Android is the fact that all popular Google services are available through it - Drop Box, Adobe Flash Player, Google Documents and so on. Many applications, originally developed only for iOS, later became available for Android.

If we compare devices in terms of functionality, there are no significant differences - both Android and iOS offer users to make calls and exchange messages equally comfortably, use internet, etc. But as for the ecosystem to which the user is tied - Android is tied to Google and other popular systems, Apple has a great emphasis on cloud storage and intuitive synchronization between "its" Apple devices.

Also, competing operating systems implement security in different ways. On Android, a third-party program is not allowed access to applications and personal data until the owner himself enters his data and, thus, gives the program access to paid messages, etc. In iOS, maximum trust is given to the developer, since all programs are controlled by the manufacturer, and additional security checks are made at the time of publication.

As for the interface, on both operating systems it is recognized by experts and users as the most convenient and intuitive, despite the fact that it is cut off and is constantly being improved both in iOS and in Android. The difference can be noticeable only in the fact that smartphones based on Android provide more opportunities for self-customization of the interface and design.

It is incorrect to compare the battery life of smartphones on different operating systems because there is too much choice of devices with different characteristics , different display sizes and other technical indicators that Android has that iOS. In addition, manufacturers of both competing operating systems are constantly improving batteries, so it makes no sense to compare devices by this indicator.

Thus, each user chooses which device is more profitable and relevant for him to purchase, depending on his goals and plans.

If you have any questions or additions, we welcome your comments!

Elena, technical specialist at Benks online store

https: // protect-sc .ru /

Answer 10
October, 2020

How Android differs from iPhone

Good afternoon, friends. What is the difference between an android and an iPhone in simple terms? So let's take a look at which is preferable, Android or iPhone? Which of these gadgets qualifies for the top spot? These gadgets have a difference, although not great, but still there. Even more, in some way the difference is significant. Each of them has its own personality.

So what is better to buy?

Android and iPhone are electronic gadgets, smartphones. Android is produced by quite a few manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Lenovo, and others. Only one company, Apple, is making the iPhone. The same manufacturer tries to carefully monitor the quality of its gadget and does not allow the use of third-party software on it.

Components of the iPhone, such as USB connections, also prevent the user from making a choice. At the same time, Android cables fit together perfectly. The iPhone platform holds the internal program code that only the Apple company creates.

The most significant difference between them is their mobile system, ecosystem. For example, iPhone iOS is more advanced than Android OS. The Android operating system is practically analogous to the PDA OS.

The iPhone is very compatible with Android in terms of its layout, while the Android OS is practically incompatible with the latest versions of the iPhone. In other words, iOS is fully productive not only in the functioning of the iPhone, but also communicative with Android.

! How does an android differ from an iPhone

The iPhone does not have a slot for a flash card, which is already is a big disadvantage and strongly dislikes users. It costs a pretty penny. Android is compatible with software from various manufacturers. At the same time, if you decide to replace the software created for the iPhone with a similar one from another creator, then most likely you will not succeed.

Note that despite the numerous advantages in the functionality of the iPhone parameters, many expensive Androids are not right. that are not inferior to the iPhone, but also override them with their advantages. Technical innovations Android very often cause admiration of users.

Also, a huge plus from the design features of Android, I would note the ability to change the battery. For example, a non-removable iPhone battery often causes inconvenience to its owners. At the same time, changing the Android battery is quite easy for a beginner.

In a situation like this, if you have problems with the iPhone battery, you will have to replace the entire gadget along with the battery. One can imagine users' dissatisfaction with this. It's pretty expensive. However, if you look at the battery efficiency of these gadgets, Android is still less battery efficient than the iPhone.

The Android screen is usually larger than the iPhone. In this regard, the consumption of electricity is growing. But, let's pay tribute to Androids, in expensive models they are not inferior to the iPhone in this light.

Ifto compare the percentage of marriage between these gadgets, then the iPhones have an average of 10% less. But, due to the longer period of existence of Google Maps, Android's navigation is an order of magnitude higher than that of its rival.

The struggle for the palm between these two types of gadgets has been going on for 4 years, which made it possible for smartphones with Android system to improve its position. The Flash feature that Androids support is suitable and has excellent compatibility with a decent number of sites that offer various download applications.

! Iphone-android

Simplifies such operations by being able to download information without using special software. For example, it is quite easy to transfer files from a computer to Android using a simple flash drive or USB connection.

On the other hand, iPhones hang, glitch and just break much less often. Note that the reliability and usage time of iPhones is much higher than that of Android. This fact in itself has proven the iPhone as a gadget for the elite layers of users and has increased the circle of its fans.

iPhones have a more favorable balance in terms of software content and hardware ratio. Therefore, the apple company does not need to constantly improve various indicators such as megapixels with gigabytes and the overall performance of its gadget. The operating speed of phones is also higher for the apple company.

But, at the same time, Android is constantly being improved technically. This, to a large extent, forces the creators of iPhones to constantly upgrade their models.

The excellent ratio of the iPhone software and its system capabilities allows increasing the speed of its operation with minimal energy consumption.

Knowing that the apple company creates not only the iPhones themselves, but also their OS, people do not doubt the constant increase in the quality of these gadgets. Also, note that there is practically no malware in iPhones, or it has a rather insignificant percentage. Hence, it turns out that apple gadgets are the safest in their environment!

At the same time, Android smartphones are often attacked by various malicious programs just in connection with third-party software developers for these gadgets. Hence, programs on the Android OS are updated more rarely, which is why gaps in the Android software are also less often eliminated and various problems occur more often.

! What is the difference between android and iPhone

Therefore, Once again, we are convinced that, if we compare these two types of gadgets, the iPhone becomes more protected from malware. Automatic encryption of incoming and outgoing data also confirms this conclusion. This is a very strong argument in favor of the iPhone over Android.

Also, the obvious difference between Android and iPhone is the price barrier. As you know, the Apple trademark is a very famous brand of worldwide electrical engineeringand. This has a significant impact on the prices of iPhones. Hence, the price of the iPhone is much higher than the price of its competitors on which the Android system is installed. The price of these models grows with the release of a new updated gadget.

But the price of Android is more diverse than the iPhone and no doubt it will find the right buyer in a certain category of users. The price of the iPhone in comparison with Android has long been established and is not particularly noticeable. Also, noteworthy, used iPhones do not drop in price, which is strikingly different from used Androids, which, having been in use, become much cheaper.

Many program developers want to first test the operation of their software by installing it on IPhone, and only after that on Android. Because of this, frequent updates, quality improvement and refinements of the Android OS are carried out.

If a beginner is not very versed in how to properly work with smartphones, then it is better for him to start working with Android in this case. At the same time, the design of the iPhone dictates a certain amount of knowledge when working with the user.

People who prefer Android, effortlessly make the movement of the necessary elements from smartphone to PC and vice versa. You don't need any special connections or software to transfer sound files, clips, documents and other information to Android. As for the iPhone, to carry out such a procedure, it is imperative to install iTunes and only using this software will the user be able to transfer the necessary data.

Smartphones from model to model are gaining more and more differences from previous versions and, in fact, the new model becomes better than the old one. At the same time, quite a few users do not want to replace the old gadget with a more perfect one, and when their device ceases to function, they buy the old version.

Conclusion: - How does an android differ from an iPhone in simple in words I explained to you. They are somewhat similar, but at the same time there is a decent difference between them, their own nuances. The main thing is that each of them has found its consumer. Which is better to buy, iPhone or Android, is a private matter for each buyer. Good luck!

Answer 11
October, 2020

And on the contrary, having used iPhones, I left them for android, and I remember the iPhone as a bad dream. As for the camera, Xiaomi has very good cameras, and the Xiaomi flagships have even better cameras, while they are cheaper and can do anything, unlike iPhones.

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