What parental control solutions are there for android with the following requirements:
1) permission to run whitelisted applications
2) access to whitelisted sites via CHROME browser?

What parental control solutions are there for android with the following requirements: 1) permission to run whitelisted applications 2) access to whitelisted sites via CHROME browser?


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Answer 1
January, 2021

The first option is to install the Mobile Fence Parental Control application on your and children's smartphones under a single account. With this application, you can: block applications and sites, limit the use of applications (for example, when it comes to social networks), set the game and planned use time so that the child does not spent a lot of time playing games or "freezing" in a smartphone. The application also supports blocking calls / messages, which may contain unwanted information, or setting a "white list" , setting geolocation security boundaries , collection and analysis of all activities in the child's smartphone . An interesting feature is contextual alarm - the program informs parents about messages received with words from a customized list, which will help to quickly identify bullying, violence or planning illegal actions against or with the participation of a child.

The Kaspersky Safe Kids solution, which is available in free and premium versions, has similar functionality. The free version includes control of Internet activity with blocking of inappropriate information or sites, control of program usage and device life . The premium version currently costs 900 rubles a year, supplemented with the functions of determining the location of the child and setting a safe perimeter, monitoring activity on social networks, tracking the battery charge, and all this with receiving notifications in case of potential or real danger.

And, finally, the last option will be the most time consuming on your part: is to configure the restrictions manually, using several applications . First of all, you will need to enable parental control or Family Link in the Play Market. In this case, the child will not be able to download applications and content that do not fit the restrictions. But the problem will be that prohibited content remains available through direct links, as well as if the age limit is incorrectly specified in the product information. You can also use utilities such as App Locker, App Lock, Smart AppLock to prevent the selected applications from starting . And here, if you include it in the Play Market list, then downloading and installing applications is also blocked. This will help keep only those applications on your smartphone that you are confident in. To control Internet content, you will need to use one of the anti-virus applications such as Norton or ESET NOD32 or activate the service with a cellular operator .

And also good the solution may be conversations with the child about the reasons for the prohibitions and the consequences of the violation, as well as a personal example p. You can still learn how to hack programs, but you don't want to ruin good trusting relationships with loved ones.

Answer 2
January, 2021
  1. Luna type launcher. He will hide from the child applications that parents do not want to show him. An alternative is to put Google Family Link, which, when a child tries to download an application from Google Play, will ask the parents for permission.

  2. A browser like this.

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