What should I do if my Android smartphone gets very hot and sits down quickly when I'm not even using it?

What should I do if my Android smartphone gets very hot and sits down quickly when I'm not even using it?

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Answer 1
December, 2020

Install antivirus and scan for malware infection. Remove unnecessary programs. Also look in the settings for startup applications, if there are a lot of them, then remove half from this list.

If there are no results, then you need to reset the system. But then all your files on your phone will be deleted.

Answer 2
December, 2020

Reason 1: Malicious firmware or OS (This firmware or OS generates scripts that force the phone to calculate. Recommended: check with Kaspersky, Nox Cleaner, Avast, Eset antivirus.)
Reason 2: Moisture (closes some contacts. Fix it: send your smartphone to a specialist for checking, but before that, turn off the power and remove the SIM cards, memory cards and battery, if possible.)
Reason 3: Malicious application (the same reason as 1)
Reason 4 : If the phone is more than one year old, the processor and battery age for new programs, games and even the OS. (Replace your smartphone under warranty or change the battery and processor)
Reason 5: Many applications are running in the background. (Correct: click on the recent button and remove the tabs)
6 reason: you use your smartphone too much because of this, the processor may heat up. (Correct: download the antiviruses that are listed in reason 1)
reason 7: Shorted contacts that heat the processor. (Replace the smartphone under warranty or send it for repair)
8 reason: Some parts are missing. (Fix: Send smartphone to master.)

Answer 3
December, 2020

We recommend that you read the article on our website, where this problem is described in detail - https://fixunit.ru/greetsya-honor-view-20 (a photo illustration of the solution to this problem is presented)

If there is no time follow the link and read. We can briefly describe here the main causes of the problem, methods of solving this problem and the diagnostic steps. Save time and only need problem solving? - scroll down to the bottom of the answer.



  • The problem lies in the software (OS or third-party software that runs in the background). This problem occurs after updating applications, installing new applications or updating the OS.

First, check your smartphone for viruses, preferably with antivirus software from well-known companies (Kaspersky, nod32, drWeb). Often the problem is related to the installation of malware that performs actions from your phone in the background - parsers, ddos ​​attacks, manning, etc. (what the intruders have enough imagination for)

  • There are many unnecessary applications running in the background in autorun, launch CCleaner or any similar program and optimize the device.

Often users do not pay attention to what actions they allow the installed program on the smartphone (monitoring geolocation, access to photos, scanning itself, etc.)

Modular part of the device

  • In many cases the reason is the battery , which is slowly failing.


  • charges fast and discharges quickly
  • after the device is completely discharged when the gadget is connected to power, it takes a long time for the charge indicator to appear.
  • the device gets ABNORMALLY hot. Yes, this is exactly the case when you can grill barbecue on your smartphone.
  • the screen began to move away from the case or the back cover began to peel off, which indicates deformation of the battery, and in particular about its "swelling".

your battery to retire? :) You can use various applications, but the data in them may differ or you can measure the number of microampere hours transmitted to the device (you need special equipment) There is an easier way:

  • charge your phone 100% before bed
  • put on airplane mode (turn off all data transfers, but this means that you should also turn off WiFi from wifi)
  • set the alarm for the time you want
  • check how many% the battery is dead


  • The problem is a defective power chip that could be damaged by a power surge. It is necessary to change the power control chip or restore the power circuit if the conductors are burnt out


  1. Reset to factory settings and see how the phone behaves
  2. Examine the perimeter of the case for defects - the main thing is to make sure that the battery does not squeeze the screen out. Purple may appear (light violet / dark violet spots on the screen, as a rule, it is better visible on a white background - but this is not certain) - battery replacement
  3. Other verification methods require specialized equipment. Let's describe them in one sentence - measure the voltage transmitted to the device, measure the voltage consumed on the device, connect it to the power supply unit and check for short circuits.


  1. Software configuration
  2. Replace battery
  3. Show your skills in IC soldering (component repair)



  • You can find out the cost and terms of repair by clicking on the link at the beginning of the article
  • We are glad to meet new people !!! Write to the PM or subscribe - we are open for communication
  • You can view similar materials on our website
  • https://fixunit.ru/greetsya-honor-9x-pro
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Answer 4
December, 2020
  1. Limit background application activity.
  2. Optimize your OS or update your firmware.
  3. Calibrate the battery.

Detailed instructions here https://phoneoff.ru/instruktsii/xiaomi-silno-greetsya

Answer 5
December, 2020

There can be many reasons for this behavior of a smartphone. But they can all be divided into hardware and software. Let's look at a few of these.

  1. Battery. If your smartphone is not a single year old, then most likely the battery may have severe wear, and this will affect the rapid discharge of the device, even without load.
  2. Ingress of moisture. Also, one of the reasons, after moisture gets in, some of the contacts can close, which, in turn, affects the incorrect operation of the components and leads to heating and rapid discharge of the smartphone.
  3. Faulty or defective chipset. This is another serious reason why the phone may behave like in your case.
  4. And one more thing, this is malware. A virus can run a script that forces a smartphone to do heavy calculations, causing it to heat up and shrink.

These are just a couple of reasons, you can read more here.

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