Why does Telegram require access to GPS, SMS, contacts, WiFi hotspot data, microphone and SIM card data to install?

Why does Telegram require access to GPS, SMS, contacts, WiFi hotspot data, microphone and SIM card data to install?

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Answer 1
December, 2020

Because Durov works for the FSB or the FSB himself. We found questions for everyone. They say everything is needed to work in the application. With one of them they pierced. This is access to IMEI. Having access to it means you already know everything about the person.

IMEI is the most unnecessary thing to work with the program. More precisely, it is not needed at all for the program. But the data of the numbers are very necessary for the special services. In fact, this is passport data already.

Answer 2
December, 2020

Permissions are needed in order for all the functions that are currently available to work:

GPS - Telegram has the ability to send your location to chats and some bots (with the advent of Bot API 2.0) can show the nearest necessary objects on the map (for example, @foursquare bot). No, Telegram does not track your movements . This is the lot of network operators and leaky operating systems;

SMS - to send invitations to those who from the recorded contact numbers have not connected to Telegram (the official FAQ has a question - “How to invite friends to Telegram? "- one of the services through which you can invite - SMS, in which the template" Hey let's switch to Telegram "appears). No, Telegram does not read your SMS ;

SIM card details and Contacts - so that you can start conversations with those who have in your phone book the application is installed. Telegram also syncs the contact list and creates contacts with the airplane logo in the phone book (which is convenient). No, Telegram does not need a list of your contacts in the phone book to send it to third parties (they don’t leak anything at all);

Wi-Fi hotspot data ​​em> - in the settings there is an option to transfer certain types of data only via Wi-Fi to save traffic;

Microphone - to record audio notes (voice messages). No, Telegram does not constantly record sound from the microphone . Only when you click on the microphone button in the application and record your message to the interlocutors. Check out the feature of the application: you can hold the handset to your ear in order to listen to or record a voice message.

Then, when adding new features, you will need other permissions. In addition, the source code of Telegram applications is available on the official website (you can study when requests to the functions of a mobile device are made) and they have an open API (you can create an application that does not need many permissions).

Answer 3
December, 2020

It's all about the organization of work with user data in the Android operating system. Google has taken care of security. The application itself cannot find out anything about you, access the Internet, use bluetooth or something else.

User permission is required for the application to perform any action. All permissions are divided into groups. And when a developer needs, for example, to find out the model of your phone in order to track down errors and fix them later. He is required to request permission to access phone data, which includes most of the above in question.

Answer 4
December, 2020

Almost any messenger will require access to these features. Telegram only guarantees security in everything related to encryption and transmission of encrypted data.

In addition, Telegram supports secret chats that use encryption from device to device, do not leave traces on servers, and are able to self-destruct after any time and which cannot be forwarded.

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